Essential Tips To Market Your Music Online On A Budget

The technological revolution brought us Justin Bieber – discovered on YouTube and given a record deal at the unbelievable age of fourteen. Or, Chance the Rapper who reached notoriety in the music industry without a record label. In today’s modern age, keeping an online presence is encouraged; anybody and everybody can make it big. It’s doable, but we all know how overwhelming social media can be with so many platforms out there to ‘compete’ with and so many things that need to be done.

Nowadays, a musician can easily claim to be an entrepreneur. So, how does one get more streams and boost social networks with a DIY mentality?

At Plugger Mag we know you don’t have time to create different content on every platform. We suggest trying to incorporate different tones of language to appeal to different audiences;

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Facebook – Conversational, don’t be afraid to talk directly to your audience.

Instagram – Laidback and visual, be yourself, authenticity is key.

TikTok – Light and humorous, embrace your fun side.

Twitter – Direct and right-on, this is where you can provoke your audience and share opinions.

Being on social media is not for everyone, to be constantly online and have your feed looking great is time demanding. At the same time, to benefit from social media you want to be on people’s minds as much as possible. One way to remain motivated is to shoot for the audience, not the record labels. If you solely focus on labels, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Marketing can be fun and accounts for a minimum of 50% of your brand. So, keep some of your creativity and channel this into your social media if you want to stand out amongst the crowds.


First things first. The best way to make content for beginners is Canva. Photoshop is pricey and Canva is an easy and intuitive alternative.

Animation, art effects and video are effective story-telling tools. You can hire a graphic designer for this or you can watch free tutorials to gain some basic skills. In today’s era, with tons of competition out there and social media overflowing with content, anything with visual movement can tell your story in seconds.

Use humor, memes are a terrific example.

If you have video clips, they take 3 to 5 minutes to be announced. For this reason, we suggest showcasing your music in other ways; try a shorter teaser clip first. Take a short clip of your video that will get people’s attention and transform it into a meme. Or, use a successful existing meme and apply your bands’ photo. Remember Bernie Sanders?



It can be challenging to grow an audience via YouTube. Advertisements are not as effective here as they are on Instagram. Be prepared that running ads on YouTube might leave both you and your target audience frustrated; nobody enjoys YouTube ads and most viewers will click skip after the first five seconds. Majority of YouTube users are not prepared to sacrifice their time if they don’t know your brand yet, with the exception of suggested ads or discovery ads. We suggest focusing on incorporating a juicy, eye-catching thumbnail image instead.

YouTube is an essential platform for any artist, and if you are not using it – you are

missing out! Collaborations are a great way to get your music out there, so why not try writing music for YouTube influencers you admire. Create a small intro for them to use in their videos and tag them until they see it; they will certainly like your tune because it was made exclusively for them.



Twitter is great for beginning and keeping conversations in real-time. You must keep the message concisely here.

Having takeovers, swapping places with other artists is a great option to entertain your audience and gain a new one.  BTW, if you’re enjoying this post so far, would you mind taking a second to share it with your audience? It takes one click only.

Essential Tips To Market Your Music Online On a Budget!


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Use Instagram stories every day!

The Instagram carousel feature can be utilized to your advantage and is an effective tool to share information. For example, try uploading the first image with a question, and put the answer on the last slide. This keeps your viewers engaged in your posts for longer.

Why is this important?

The Instagram algorithms work by tracking time and engagement on your posts; the more time your followers spend on your post, the better! Longer post engagement keeps your algorithms active and will boost your content to your followers feeds so they will see you more often.

Educate yourself on IGTV (Instagram television).

Be thoughtful about your bio and your captions; you don’t need to be too literal, but it’s important not to rush this step! Take some time to write unique captions that will captivate your fans.

Make sure you invest time to interact from your personal account by responding to messages and commenting on ther’s posts. At Plugger Mag we know you may experience imposter syndrome, but we’re all starting from somewhere and what you have to say is valuable.

Try to keep your amount of followers and following in harmony. If you follow too many accounts that don’t follow you back, you end up with an unbalanced account. This can make your page appear fake or that nobody likes your brand.

Share two to three posts a week, but only one per day.

Use hashtags in your captions and as part of your stories, but use them wisely; don’t need to overdo it! Keep in mind that just because a hashtags is hot today, does not mean it’s the same on every social platform. Whatever’s trending on Twitter might not be trending on Instagram. Don’t forget to research a hashtag’s origin before you use it, as you might find yourself sharing a controversial opinion without knowing it.

Tag accordingly to your content. If you play guitar in a photo, tag the brand of this instrument.

When you run ads on Instagram, target less competitive cities. Places like London or New York are very competitive, meaning the public might miss out on your ad. Quality reach is key.

If it makes sense for you and your brand, work on getting freebies for your followers. If you’re a new artist and reading this article, you’re trying to enhance and develop a portfolio, right? The growth and engagement of a fan base are the work of the artist these days, and contests and gifts are an effective way to expand your followers.

If you can’t afford to hire social media managers or staff to help out, try investing a small budget on a few targeted, sponsored posts. Use your best posts for this, or try existing posts that have already had a good response.

Don’t forget to invest time in your Instagram grid because it has to be as great as your ad. That means a cohesive selection of high-definition images, original content, big text, and attractive colors.

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Facebook doesn’t like external links, (of course) so upload your videos directly to the platform. You want to prevent subscribers from leaving one browsing tab not coming back to your Facebook video to ‘love and share’.

This is a more conversation-driven platform. In contrast to Instagram, Facebook pushes notifications and has a great system set up for calendars and events so it’s perfect to advertise and publish your live concerts for free.

We at Plugger Mag suggest utilizing a professional header into your page with a clear call to action.

Remember to refresh your profile pictures from time to time.


TikTok is the buzz, from Lil Nas to the revival of Run D.M.C ‘It’s Tricky’.

TikTok influencers are now hired to become future artists, due to their large audience. This is a wonderful time to get viral. TikTok is seen as childish and even cringe for some, but if you keep an open mind it is a promising place to be. We encourage you to try the app out and see what works. It is still a new platform and trends change all the time as with everything in this industry. This is an amazing way to develop your Instagram and promote music. Originally, TikTok was designed primarily for the Gen-Z but this is no longer the rule.

Don’t be afraid to display what is not trendy. Have a wild idea? This is the perfect platform to test this out and see if it lands with your audience.


A website is an online home where your fans will always be able to find you, therefore it is important to renew your domain. Social media platforms are here right now, but they could just as easily disappear in a few years. Your website is likely to stay, so treat it as a long-term investment.

When creating content for your website, consider who will visit you. Existing fans, the press (music industry professionals, like PR, media, bookings, etc.), and even potential fans. You should have your music (duh), preferably not in autoplay! Your website home page is your playground. Add your music, be clear, and again, don’t go overboard.

Remember, less is more when setting up a website.

At Plugger Mag, we want you to be a success doing what you love! So get to know where your audience lives; you might be mostly active on Instagram but your fans are all over Twitter. You don’t have to be on every social media platform, but we hope this article will help inspire you to experiment with your online content.