Out Of Pity, A (Rare) Blast From 2020.

Whoever said we had nothing but negative things in 2020 was wrong. Out Of Pity is entering the history books for being born during the coronavirus pandemic. The British 5-piece group met in college and decided during the lockdown to bring their skills together online. You can hear Pop, Indie, Punk, and a generous sprinkling of Emo on their latest songs.

"Her first gig was in Ireland and her grandad would take her to the local pubs, like a ‘tour’ and she was paid in aero chocolate bars"...

Even though the group is recent, they have a valid background. Kathy Foster, the lead singer, started singing at 4 years old, her first gig was in Ireland and her grandfather would take her to the local pubs, like a ‘tour’ and she was paid in aero chocolate bars! Kathy was with a group called Troika in her teens. Ethan Moore, (guitarist) has been creating music since he was 19 years old when he began his academic studies. Ethan and Leo Snowman (drummer) were in a band called Black Spring at University. Thea Mercado is the bassist and Jamie Clark is the lead guitarist.

Legends like Fleetwood Mac, Velvet Underground and Bee Gees have influenced the melodic sounds of the quintet. Check out our chat with the promising Out Of Pity below.

What are your ambitions for the future as a band?

Out Of Pity: We want to start gigging as soon as possible and record an LP once we’ve got some more singles released.

What is 24 Hours Apart about?

Out Of Pity: It’s a song about a long distance relationship that is falling apart, but, both partners are in denial.

Who are your musical influences, idols? 

Out Of Pity: Our musical idols aren’t really influences. Dolly Parton, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Billie Holiday, Kurt Cobain, Tyler Joseph, Ronnie Radke, Paul McCartney, John Lennon; Just ICONS! We have a list of Influences in a playlist we created on our Spotify page.

Please, tell me who is behind the artwork?

Out Of Pity: Kathy’s best friend Phoebe Rose Smith designed both pieces of art + the calligraphy for the band.

Has someone ever told Kathy that she looks like Christina Ricci?

Out of Pity – Kathy: “Yes, I get Christina a lot, also Maisie Williams from GoT”

If you were not Out Of Pity, what would you be? Other names that were considered.

Out Of Pity: We were in an ensemble band at University together called ‘Grumbo’ so, we would just use that name instead! We’re actually using some of the songs we wrote in that group for this band too.

When exactly did you decide to go for it and how long did the process take to write the first song?

Out Of Pity: August 2020 is when we decided to form the band and commit, and it came in patches over a couple months but, the initial idea was created instantaneously.

Who would you love to collab with?

Out Of Pity: PIXIES!

How does it feel to be performing for the first time next June 12th in London?

Out Of Pity: It feels really exciting for all of us considering it’ll be our first time performing, gotta get practicing! 

The second single “24 Hours Apart” is out now

Out of Pity is on every streaming platform. Follow their journey on Social Media.