Are Music Videos Still Relevant?

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Video killed the radio star and now social media killed the video star? Come on, seriously now. They are costly. If you are an independent artist, is it worth spending money on videos? 

Before the Internet could govern our lives, (any millennials over there?) our YouTube or Spotify was MTV. MTV was a big deal back in the late ‘80s to the early ‘00s. MTV was pop culture. It is well known that Michael Jackson’s Thriller turned the video revolution into something different. I know I’m not the only one here, but MTV was my obsession, I had to watch it every day, as a kid I sometimes preferred to watch MTV than cartoons. And I was there watching them one by one, without rushing. MTV Hits, Vh1, Vh1 Classic, MTV2, you name it. I had them all and they were very important to my life. Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for TRL (God, I miss it). Everything is available offline or online. But do people watch them at all like in the good old days?

The picture quality has improved immensely but It’s funny how nowadays you have to be fast to get someone’s attention, you only have 15 seconds because of the short attention span.

Nevertheless, we believe the concept of the video is and will continue to be important. There is no way you can get away without music videos. They stick around forever. New videographers and video editors are popping up every day. The market is wide and the potential for creativity is endless!

These mini-movies might actually boost our emotions, the music + video combo is very powerful, so it always matters. But the trick is, don’t spend thousands of bucks on a video without a clear shot. You need to bring something different to the table. The music videos can be awesome to show the world what you are all about. 

If you have the means for recording a music video, find a channel with an existing audience to post your videos rather than posting only on your channel or instead, create a lyric video that will cost less than 500 dollars. If your song is great, you will be alright. Videos can always become memes or simply a good conversation, like Childish Gambino. Music videos are still content, after all.    

Release your videos, after one or two weeks after a single.

With a single, you can create more content: a video, pre-video, ads for the video, and that adds more and more value to your brand. They serve as a trailer to your album, single, or whatever audio you release and it does not need to be the whole thing. Have you ever seen what Spotify does with videos on their platform?

Kudos to BRTHR for making music videos exciting again. I don’t know about you, but we are crushing hard on “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” by Lana Del Rey. And you? What was the latest music video that really stunned you?