Taylor Esposito: A Star In The Making

Taylor Esposito is a new star! The young pop singer, born in Medina, Ohio, is the voice to Kiss Me Like It’s Not Over. A catchy, smooth-pop song that is easy to listen to. She has a remix of the song set for June. Taylor is currently working on her debut album set for 2022. The small-town girl is ready to conquer the world.

Your first album is set to be released next year. What is your vision of it?

Taylor Esposito: My vision of it is the balance between good days and bad, which is life. That’s part of just being human.

In the video Kiss Me Like It’s Not Over, there’s a lot of dancing. How is your relationship with it?

Taylor Esposito: Actually, the relationship with it has restarted. I haven’t danced or moved like that since my cheerleading days. (laughs) But I’m getting back to it again.

I know you are of Italian origin. Do you speak Italian?

Taylor Esposito: Half of me is of Italian origin, and I can’t speak a lick of Italian, to be honest…Lol, but it’s something I hope to learn in the upcoming future. It will give me an opportunity to get closer to my roots on that side.

How would you describe your (fashion) style?

Taylor Esposito: I describe it as a Sexy but Cool vibe with a touch of Glam and Class.

If you had to listen to only one song for the rest of your life. What song would it be?

Taylor Esposito: Wow, it will definitely have to be Cherish The Day by Sade. I love her music, and her voice puts me in a mood like I’m on a beach with my drink of choice. Kind of like sitting in a hot bubble bath, it’s soothing to the mind, body, and soul.

What’s your goal as an artist?

Taylor Esposito: To be a voice and a representation for young people who never came to terms about who they are and where they come from, they allowed those things to determine their destiny. I hope to be the spark that changes the doubt that you can’t make it because you came from here, your this or this happened to you, and that’s my goal, and hopefully, it shows through my music.

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