Cosmic Girl, Marilyn Hucek Releases Her First EP

Marilyn is an American-Chilean pop singer who’s been writing songs for the longest time. During the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, she invested in her musical career and produced song after song. Unfortunately, a special episode that so many people can relate to nowadays happened, her father contracted Covid-19, and his health was precarious. Unable to see her father, Marilyn got lots of inspiration and wrote her first single: Memories. The Indie-Pop artist has already been involved in the fashion industry and has garnered a notable audience for her social media accounts through her fashion blog, The Lunar Phase. Our cosmic girl’s father, who is doing very well these days, can continue telling stories about his working days with NASA. Yes, Marilyn has this backstory that allows her to play along with everything about the cosmos. She is out of this world! She exhales positivity, and we are pleased that she agreed to talk a little more about her music and plans for 2021.

How did you celebrate the release of your EP?

Marilyn Hucek: I celebrated by performing a live acoustic concert of my EP, INFINITY! Because of Covid-19, I wanted to be safe, so I had a small VIP audience and live-streamed the event on YouTube and social media. It was my first concert, and I played the piano while singing my songs. Between each song, I would share its meaning and what inspired me to write the music. It was super raw and intimate. I put myself out there, but it was the best feeling. I have uploaded the recorded version on my YouTube channel for anyone who wants to check it out!

In a few words, what does Infinity represent to you?

Marilyn Hucek: Infinity, to me, represents the idea of infinite potential. I truly believe as humans, we have endless potential, and there is no timeline for what we wish to accomplish or achieve in life. I felt so personally connected to this idea that not only did it become the concept of my EP, but I got an infinity tattoo on my arm! I am very familiar with the infinity symbol. I became a math major in college and would use the infinity symbol in many proofs and math equations. Lastly, the EP concept “INFINITY” represents the exploration of my sound as a new and emerging artist.

The cover art is so beautiful. What’s the idea behind it?

Marilyn Hucek: Thank you so much. I appreciate that! My dad was the inspiration for my cover art. He used to work for NASA and was a meteorologist and physicist. Therefore astronomy has been a big part of my childhood. We would watch space shuttle launches and meteor showers and admire the moon phases at night. Space and the universe also tie into the idea of infinity potential because the universe is limitless. There are no boundaries.

You have a great experience as a fashion blogger, and you know your way very well with marketing. What would you say to an artist getting started about marketing and self-promotion?

Marilyn Hucek: Thank you! I am an artist just getting started, so I’m still figuring it out as I go. However, I learned it’s a trial and error game no matter how veteran you are in the marketing game because technology evolves so rapidly. I’m no stranger to self-promotion as I started a fashion blog back in 2015 and am used to shamelessly posting pictures of myself for better or for worse. Visuals are vital in helping promote anything these days, and I’m keen on that. I’m a visual person in general, so many of my creative ideas are more than just the song. I naturally think about the photos, styling, and music video to compliment each other. For me, it’s more than just the music. I made a joke to a colleague recently, and I said if you don’t have any photo or video assets to market your song, did you even make a song?

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Marilyn Hucek: I love me some karaoke, so I love this question. My go-to’s are Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood and Baby One More Time by Britney Spears.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2021?

Marilyn Hucek: So many fun plans for 2021! I’m releasing two new music videos and 2-3 singles! I’m excited, and I hope you all are excited!! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @marilynhucek to stay current on all my new releases coming up!

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Camilla Nobre
Camilla Nobre

Founder of The Plugger Mag, and internationally published travel journalist. Camilla is a Portugal-based writer. She began working around the music business as a project manager for a music festival. Born in Brazil, she is a girl from Rio and a member of She Is The Music as well as Women In Music.