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Emerging Deep House artist, producer and DJ under the moniker Petals in Sound, AKA Louise Baldwin, has released her EP ‘Palace’ via Miami-based label Boyanza Records towards the end of last year. Palace is a nostalgic and delightful LO-FI house album that graced the end of 2020. Louise is also a member of the She Said So community, a platform that empowers professional women in music. Like with so many people, 2020 delayed projects and concerts, but the future’s looking good with many releases ahead. Get to know more about the English DJ.

I know you play the guitar. Can you tell me how your relationship with music started?

Petals in Sound: It started when I was pretty young. My first love as a kid was poage, whichp music and anything in the charts or on the radio. I did singing lessons at 13/14 years of age which was when I got into dance music. I remember getting Cream Anthems 97′ for Christmas, and I absolutely loved it! I listened to that compilation constantly, although this phase didn’t last too long. I discovered rock, punk and metal music when I was 15. I ended up sacking off the singing, and my parents bought me a cheap second hand Spanish acoustic guitar.

I threw myself into learning the guitar, and by the time I left school, I had decided that I was going to study music. I did a Popular Music course at college, ended up being in various bands, and then went on to study Music Business at University. When university finished, I had a few quiet years in music-making, but about 3 years ago, I decided to make beats and invest in some equipment to make it happen. I also went to a few female-only DJ lessons to learn how to mix, courtesy of female electronic collective Sisu. Everything I have done since has all stemmed from that.

Why “Petals in Sound”?

Petals in Sound: It’s not a very exciting story, I’m afraid! The first time I attempted to make electronic music was back in 2011/2012 using Garageband and then uploading whatever I’d created onto Soundcloud. I wanted some excellent cover art for a collection of songs I’d made, and I found this image of a flower petal online. I couldn’t think of a good artist name, but I thought “Petals in Sound” was alright, so I went for that, and it’s just stuck. I told you it wasn’t very exciting!

I saw your puzzle on Instagram. Are you a Beatles fan? If so, what’s your favorite Beatles album?

Petals in Sound: I do like The Beatles, yes. Everyone tends to grow up with them(regardless of age) because their music resonates with so many people and stands the test of time. I reckon I’ve watched The Beatles Anthology about six times- they are an awesome part of British music history, and there won’t be anyone that comes close in terms of composition, impact and legacy. I grew up in Southport, Merseyside, which isn’t too far from Liverpool. Apparently, in their early days, they often used to play in Southport.

My mum went to see them when she was a little girl, but at the time they were just this local band, and she didn’t think it was a big deal! It’s hard to pick a favorite album, but recently I’ve been hammering Abbey Road. I recently purchased an original pressing of the album on vinyl from a little second-hand record store in Derbyshire – and the listening experience is so different from listening to a digital version. You can hear so many elements of the songs when you buy old records on vinyl – you feel like the artist is in the room with you- the sound is THAT good.

What kind of tools and software do you use to record your material?

Petals in Sound: I keep it fairly minimal. I don’t have loads of hardware as I don’t think it’s necessary for me. I use Ableton Live 10 as my DAW of choice, an Arturia MiniLab MKII as a MIDI controller and various plugins and samples. Plugin-wise I prefer Arturia’s offering, plus Komplete Kontrol and Xpandi2. Splice is a great resource for samples, and synth-wise, I tend to stick to Ableton’s built-in synths. Wavetable and Analog are particular favorites for me.

Where have you performed?

Petals in Sound: Weirdly, I haven’t performed all that much as Petals In Sound. I only started to gain a bit of traction at the beginning of the first lockdown in March last year. I had my first ‘proper’ gig booked at Supermax in London via She Said So, doing a DJ set with Molly Mouse, but sadly it got cancelled due to the pandemic! Luckily, I managed to do a couple of open-decks sessions in Peckham and Hoxton at the start of 2020, which was loads of fun. I’ve also had the opportunity to do lots of mix sessions over this past year for Universal Radio, Halcyon Wax, Melodic Distraction and many more.

It’s been great to keep the momentum up whilst the option for live performance has been eradicated. I’m keen to get some sets booked in as soon as possible. I’ve got loads of unreleased stuff I’d love to DJ live and push records from some artists. I really love it at the moment.

What’s your go-to festival?

Petals in Sound: I don’t do as many festivals these days as I did in my younger days! I’m not a big fan of camping as in the UK because the weather isn’t always on our side! These days I like to go to festivals abroad if possible. I’ve been to Suncebeat in Croatia a few times and a few in Spain like Primavera Sound and Mad Cool. The Southport Weekender is another great one.

What is the most useless talent you have?

Petals in Sound: I am really good at remembering meals I have eaten in the past. As useless and uninteresting as it is to other people, I can remember what I ate on the plane, on holiday to Tenerife, when I was four years old!

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

Petals in Sound: Oh, there are so many! I love the Lo-fi house scene, so I would love to open for someone like Baltra or DJ Seinfeld. Equally, the Shall Not Fade family have some great artists they are releasing music for at the moment – Lis Sarroca, Laurence Guy, Felipe Gordon- any of those would be lovely to support!

What’s next for Petals in Sound?

Petals in Sound: I’ve got a new 2-track EP coming out soon on Quantize Recordings, which will be my second release. I’m also busy working on a third EP and currently looking for the right label in which to release. Fingers crossed for some gigs too!

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Camilla Nobre
Camilla Nobre

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