Alex Jay, The Man Who Made Britney Spears Cry.

Singer and songwriter Alex Jay, from Baltimore, Maryland, started to create a buzz around his family members at 7. He found his calling in life at 14 while singing in the church’s choir; it changed his life. Alex is a complete artist. He can draw, play the guitar and piano. Although he has been influenced by the great Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Stevie Wonder, he has his unique and confident voice and loves a challenge.

He has performed to Demi Lovato and Britney Spears and even made Miss Spears cry. He obtained a standing ovation during that performance.

His first official single was released last April. Our boy Alex Jay has R&B roots, but his latest work is fun and will put you in a mood to warm up your party. L.O.L, Love or Lust, was made in only 4 hours, and its goal is to make you feel good.

When Alex Jay is not melting the ladies’ hearts with his angelic voice, he learns new things and always steps up his game. He competes with himself, and great things are about to happen in this artist’s life.

“Misunderstood”, his album coming soon, is a shout out to all the anxious and misunderstood people out there. For now, we are eager to watch Alex Jay’s growth.

He strives to be an inspiration to others. Little does he know, he already is. He makes you want to sing along to his music, so without further a due, listen to L.O.L:

Camilla Nobre
Camilla Nobre

Founder of The Plugger Mag, and internationally published travel journalist. Camilla is a Portugal-based writer. She began working around the music business as a project manager for a music festival. Born in Brazil, she is a girl from Rio and a member of She Is The Music as well as Women In Music.