Spencer Robens: World Of Vintage Covers

We want to introduce you to the world of 26-year-old Spencer Robens. He is a half-American, half-German graphic designer based in Hamburg. Although he majored in business psychology, it was music that spoke louder to him. He interned at Warner Music, and ever since he graduated, he established his own record label. He has been a freelance designer for about three years and is looking forward to transforming art into his full-time job.

His interest in business led him to form a record label with his friends. They felt a void in the techno scene in their region; Nach Zwei Records is a side project. Spencer spends most of his time working as a designer, not an average designer, but THE designer. He uses a very unique approach by mixing vintage elements with modern styles. No other artists can combine these with such a unique touch.

Inspired by the notorious graphic designer for Blue Note Records, Reid Miles, and movie posters, vintage has always inspired him. If he was not a designer, he would be a professional guitar player. You will understand he is talent if you take a quick look at his cover albums, attracting people and delighting any vintage fan.

To start creating, he analyzes what will suit the music best. Whether it should be maximalist or minimalist, he creates around two drafts and then sends them to the client. “The music is always the starting point.”

His minimalist “Slow Birds” cover (as seen below) is his favorite artwork because of the retro look and the usage of only four colors, and of course, it is inspired by the ’60s. By designing albums, he is helping artists with great visuals, and he boosts his creative output that is so needed in life. To create something on your own is therapy. But it is not always recognized. Spencer regrets the lack of recognition in this part of the industry.

“I’d like all artists in this field to have more exposition, so many great artists like me or others should have more recognition in the music world”.

For now, he leaves a message to his music hero, Jack White. “I’d be honored to work for him. I would design a cover for him for free. I love his approach to art, which is authentic and minimalistic like me. It would be a good match. He is my idol”.

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Camilla Nobre
Camilla Nobre

Founder of The Plugger Mag, and internationally published travel journalist. Camilla is a Portugal-based writer. She began working around the music business as a project manager for a music festival. Born in Brazil, she is a girl from Rio and a member of She Is The Music as well as Women In Music.